Bigfoot Group’s HGV fleet continues to grow

Bigfoot Group’s HGV fleet continues to grow

2 Scania R-450 trucks

Last week, the latest addition to our HGV fleet hit the road. Our drivers are among some of the first in the UK to be behind the wheel of the new Scania R Series trucks.

This new Scania range was released in August 2016. These trucks have been under development for 10 years and it shows in the quality and performance of the smart, new vehicles.


New range, new features

Scania have thought long and hard about how much time drivers spend in their cabs, and it shows. Safety, visibility and interior space has been improved, including:

  • A new seating position offering more room for drivers, 65 mm closer to the windscreen and 20 mm out towards the side
  • More space behind the seats for ­wider beds (and a better night’s sleep!)
  • Extended storage options, with a particular focus on volume and accessibility
  • Built-in ‘connectivity’ allows for maintenance schedules determined by actual usage, rather than traditional mileage or calendar methods


Aerodynamic and efficient

The streamlined exterior design gives greater aerodynamic performance and the engines have been overhauled for better efficiency, making for a more fuel efficient drive.

This great fuel performance meant the R450 won the coveted Green Truck 2017 award by the leading German trade magazines, VerkehrsRundschau and Trucker.

In VerkehrsRundschau’s and Trucker’s test, Scania was set against three competing brands.

“Ultimately, the Swedish manufacturer was able to prove its value for drivers,”

the magazines wrote.

“Also in terms of profitability, the Scania R 450 was not to be surpassed. No wonder the crown went to Sweden this year.”

“Sustainability, whether through alternative fuels or fuel-efficient diesel vehicles, is a key issue for Scania and its customers,”

said Peter Hornig, Managing Director of Scania Deutschland Österreich.

“By reducing fuel consumption, we reduce CO2 emissions and at the same time costs. Thus, sustainability and profitability go hand in hand.”

With this accolade for the R450 we’re pleased to have them in our fleet, adding to our commitment to the reduction of CO2 emissions and greener logistics services for our clients.

Call us to talk through your specific transport and delivery requirements, and you could have these award winning trucks delivering your goods!